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This week
Exhibition "Estonian watercolour 2018" 26.02.2018 Võru Town Gallery

Exhibition of Estonian Watercolorists' Union in cooperation with Latvian watercolorists.

Exhibition dedicated to Johannes Uiga's 100th anniversary 26.02.2018 Tartu Art House

Johannes Uiga’s one-hundredth anniversary in the Tartu Art House.

Exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" 26.02.2018 10:00 Museum of Natural ...

Starting on January 20, 2017, the exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" is open in the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibition invites you to explore the mysterious bottom of the sea from 600 million years ago to today.

Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera 02.03.2018 17:30 Estonian National ...

Would you like to see more of Tallinn Opera House or learn about life of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet?

Coming soon

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

Hippie Revolution

A theatre production part of the Estonian theatres' project Centennial Story that focuses on the years 1970-80.

Concerts at NUKU Museum

Concerts at the NUKU Museum - music among the theatre puppets.

New production by Renate Keerd

Author, director, artist and musical designer: Renate Keerd


TAFF Club is initiated by the Tallinn Philharmonic in 2012. The main style of the club is mainstream jazz, additionally, there are special events of different styles.

Jazzkaar 2018

The 29th Tallinn International Festival Jazzkaar will take place on April 20-29, 2018. The home of the festival will be once again Telliskivi Creative City, which offers the best festival mood. Concerts are held in towns all over Estonia.

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