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Concert series "Journey" at Eestonian railway stations

"Journey" is a concert series bringing together two wind instrument quintets. The concerts will take place on July 4–8, 2018, at various Estonian railway stations to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The title of the concert series, "Journey", symbolizes movement and change in both spatial and temporal terms. The growth and development of the 100 years old Republic of Estonia have been a long and complicated journey. And also Estonian music has been in the constant movement and improvement.

The concert series includes concerts at the various railway stations across Estonia, from Vaivara to Valga.

The woodwind quintet Estica consisting of Anna Kelder (flute), Heli Ernits (oboe), Helena Tuuling (clarinet), Meelika Mikson (French horn), Rene Sepalaan (fagot) and Vanemuine Quintet consisting of Kersti Perandi (flute), Anna Shulitshenko (oboe), Johanna Tuvi (fagot), Heimo Hodanjonok (clarinet), Kreete Perandi (French horn) will perform at the concerts.

Only Estonian composers' music will be performed, among them three new works written specifically for this concert by Pärt Uusberg, Liina Sumera, and Liisa Hirch.

Concert series "Journey" is one of the ten winners of the contest for ideas of musical events for Estonia 100.

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