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Estbel's concert in Kuressaare

A new concert series "Estonian Traditional Music Center recommends" starts in Kuressaare. This is good news for all folk music lovers because it's no longer necessary to wait for the summer to visit some of the bigger festivals.

From September 2017, the concerts will come to your home every month!

The series starts with the Estonian-Belgian indie folk ensemble Estbel, who presents its brand-new album 'Saar', the material of which was assembled and prepared for recording in Saaremaa.

Estbel is a rather unusual ensemble. Two Estonian dreamers and Dhoored brothers from Belgium have come together.
The ensemble was created in February 2016, when the quartet got together for the first time in Saaremaa. The 7-day stay on the island was an intense experience in a beautiful environment. After this week, "Saar" also looked like a symbolic title for the debut album, which was completed in 2017 before the beginning of the Tallinn Music Week.

Estbel's music is diverse and colorful, the delightful listening experience is guaranteed for both folk and indie friends, young and older listeners.

Band members:

Leana Vapper-Dhoore - vocal, bagpipe
Sänni Noormets - vocal, violin
Hartwin Dhoore - diatonic button accordion
Ward Dhoore - dadgad guitar

The concert is in two parts, with a break of about 1 h and 40 min.

Café is open.

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