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Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival 2018

The Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival 2018 focuses on the developments of the poster art and the creative signature of designers in their graphic design work.

The opening of the festival will be on June 2, 2018, at 2 p.m. at Haapsalu City Gallery and Haapsalu Cultural Centre.

The Haapsalu City Gallery will host the international competition-exhibition "Individuality '18" on the internationally relevant theme "Dialogue". Participants in the competition implemented the opportunities of graphic design on a very large scale using typography, calligraphy, illustration, photography, various painting techniques and, of course, a mix of many techniques. A total of 162 works were received from the European Union, Russia, Equador, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Iran and Indonesia. The jury of professionals chose 82 works for the exhibition.

Haapsalu Cultural Centre provides an overview exhibition "Contemporary posters of Latvia". Latvian poster isn’t a frequent guest at Estonian exhibition halls. Last time the posters from our southern neighbour were exhibited here 20 years ago. Now again it’s possible to get acquainted with the masters of Latvian graphic design and their latest works. The exhibition will showcase 100 cultural, social and advertising posters from 33 artists, and it is devoted to the centenaries of Latvia and Estonia.

The exhibitions are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, the Haapsalu Town Government, and the Estonian Graphic Designers' Association.

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