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Hall of Fame of Estonian Music. Concert "One Song"

Just before the 100th anniversary of Estonian Republic the most important Estonian musicians join their forces for a massive concert that helps one idea to come true:

the exhibition "Sound of Freedom! The Story of Estonian Pop Music", compiled by Hall of Fame of Estonian Music.

29 singers
4 generations
60 years of music

Stars on the stage: Karl Madis, Anne Veski, Ivo Linna, Jaan Elgula, Toomas Lunge, Tõnu Trubetsky, Marju Länik, Mait Maltis, Riho Sibul, Boris Lehtlaan, Heidy Tamme, Voldemar Kuslap, Henry Laks, Toomas Kõrvits, Hardi Volmer, Tõnu Aare, Heini Vaikmaa, Anette Vaikmaa, Els Himma, Jarek Kasar, Getter Jaani, Liis Lemsalu, Jüri Pootsman, Birgit Sarrap, Vello Salumets, Laura Põldvere, Eda-Ines Etti, Madis Arro and Marju Marynel Kuut.

Master of ceremony - Mihkel Raud.

For the first time in Estonian history, the cultural heritage of our popular music is collected as a whole and waits for becoming an exhibition. All the singers of this concert sing one song as a contribution to help the history of our popular music to reach to the audience. All the ticket revenue will be forwarded to build this Expo. Great things always come from co-operation and this exhibition is a monumental gift by our people and musicians to the 100th anniversary of Estonian Republic.

The exhibition "Sound of Freedom! The Story of Estonian Pop Music" tells the story of Estonian people, culture and primarily the music that became popular between the two world wars. Estonian music is related to the colourful history of the state itself, having survived all the hard and easy times. Pop music was first performed by jazz groups and 78 rpm gramophone records played for dance and entertainment, went through an underground jazz period, promoted the rise of beat music, made its way under the skin of Estonian people through the TV show "Horoscope", was imposed numerous performance bans, and finally regained independence for Estonia.

The exhibition will tell that success story through the viewpoints of key persons, groups, composers and events that together make up the Hall of Fame of Estonian Music, the aim of which is to preserve the cultural heritage of our pop music for the future generations.

Concert will be recorded by Estonian Public Broadcasting.
Media partner DELFI.
Supported by Nordea Concert Hall.

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