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House of Dance

Dancing is an ancient and enjoyable way of expressing oneself. Dancing is thinking, creating meaning and feeling. Dancing is communicating and relating to the surrounding world and people, both to the dancing partner and the entire dancing circle.

The House of Dance is a format of parties that offers a great opportunity to be a part of the catchy atmosphere of a village fete with cheery musicians and live folk music; for genuine dancing, spinning into oblivion, and meeting other guests, because in addition to bringing people together, the village dances also served as the glue for the community.

A certain charm also lies in the interaction between musicians and dancers and how people get carried away. The House of Dance is a place where you have to keep your eyes open because good dancers are out there and you can learn valuable tricks from them.

A buffet is open for snacks and drinks.

The House of Dance is a party format created by the Estonian Traditional Music Center, which resembles old good village parties. Once a month, you can dance, enjoy the enthusiastic mood of the village party, listen to live folk music by lively musicians with a friendly company, and learn some dance moves from the connoisseurs.

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