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I Land Sound 2018

On July 12-15, a festival I Land Sound will land again on the picturesque Illiku Islet.

The aim is to leave troubles aside for some time and to bring together the best that music, art, being together and Estonian summer has to offer. One decent breath of sea air and a ferry ride will take off your mask and on the other side of the shore, you will find yourself.

When you get to the Illiku Islet, the time dimension disappears and every awakening is significant. There is enough room for everyone - people, birds and animals, and the size of an individual is defined by the measure of their heart. It's a custom to stay together on the island, and it also happens at I Land Sound, where electronic pioneers of the nightlife, artists and the local community will join forces for the enriching event. Three unique days and unforgettable memories.

A total of 7 stages and over 100 Estonian artists:

▧ 9/11
▧ Bling
▧ Disco Tallinn
▧ Estonian Funk Embassy
▧ Haigla Pidu
▧ Helind
▧ I-FI Soundsystem
▧ Lekker
▧ Machine Nation
▧ Majamasin
▧ Manatargaq
▧ Must Mesi
▧ Nastja Riist
▧ Piidivabrik
▧ Play!
▧ Psýdja
▧ Room202
▧ Still Out
▧ Sünk
▧ Zenni ja Tagasi
▧ Tallinn Express
▧ Techno ist Liebe
▧ Tiks
▧ Tjuun In
▧ Välk
▧ Vürts
▧ Öömaja
▧ Öötöö

Between these rhythms and melodies, we find time to listen to nature and oneself. For four days and three nights, we offer activities for the body and soul, workshops and lectures, film screenings and performances. The fire sculptures, artists' decorated stages, and various installations please the eye. You can take care of your body with a yoga or sauna and enjoy cool sea water.

Watch the videos of the last year's concerts:

❑ By Dima Kalenda

❑ By Mart Vares

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