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International Festival of Performing Arts "Baltoscandal"

International Festival of Performing Arts Baltoscandal will take place from 4th till 7th of July 2018 in Rakvere. The festival is organized every second year and will reach this summer its 15th edition.

Baltoscandal introduces contemporary trends in performing arts mainly from Europe but also from other parts of the world.

The programme of the festival will be announced in spring but we can already reveal some performers. In addition to new troupes, some of our old favourites are returning with their new works. During the last festival, Joris Lacoste was a success with a piece combining music and words. Now he introduces "Suite n°3" where one can hear all the languages of European Union. Forced Entertainment from Brexit Britain will visit Rakvere with "Real Magic" – a piece of playful mind-reading. It will be the first Baltoscandal for Polish Teatr Powszechny. Their "Klatwa" asks questions about the relations between art, religion and contemporary individuals. Ivo Dimchev has already been at Baltoscandal, now he comes with more music. "Gala" from Jérôme Bel gives a possibility to people from Rakvere and Lääne-Virumaa county to step on stage. As fit for the jubilee, the opening of the festival on the main square of town will be more spectacular than usual. As always, there will be a football match between Romantics and Cynics and concerts in the festival club.

Artistic director of the festival Priit Raud: "Baltoscandal will look into the future and feel the pulse of the society. It will be intriguing and relaxing. Mindful and liberating. The 15th festival will probably bear in mind ourselves and the society. Not too seriously, though. We speak about rough things but we will not moralize. We show the world as it is. We don't agree with everything that takes place. We criticize but we also accept. We show respect to each other or to what somebody does. We do not teach what is the right thing to do."

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Kristo Kruusman
Baltoscandal's advertising manager
+372 5383 4586

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