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Tallinn Architectural Biennial TAB 2017

The opening week of the most influential architecture festival of Estonia and the Baltics, Tallinn Architectural Biennial TAB 2017, takes place on September 13-17.

bioTallinn is the theme for TAB 2017 curated by architect, urban designer and ecologist Claudia Pasquero. bioTallinn challenges typical assumptions of what constitutes the boundary between natural and artificial realms.

TAB consists of five main events: a symposium, curator's exhibition, vision contest, exhibition of international architecture schools, and a satellite programme. Discussions, workshops, and excursions taking place in a creative environment create a platform for new contacts.

TAB is organised by the Estonian Centre of Architecture and guided by TAB roundtable. The roundtable consists of the Union of Estonian Architects, representatives of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the city of Tallinn and the curators of previous TABs.

TAB symposium takes place in the Green Hall of Telliskivi Creative City on September 14-15, 2017.

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